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Bitcoin Network, Heat Capture, Home DIY

Keep It Clean n’ Cool + DYOR Here: Please note that we always recommend consulting with local licensed electricians and other trade contractors before installing any equipment in your home, Safety First . See Network page for more contacts and suppliers Send suggestions. 

Power Distribution For Home Miners -By Synaccess

Building Performance Institute -House as a whole- Air Balance etc.

A Manual J  (load Calcs)  Primer- Good Home Performance Channel 

3D printed items in Home Mining Section + More at CryptoCloaks  Use Code h2h for 5% off 

Automated Control Of Home Temp with Miner Heat- By Schnitzel

Mining Security By eoconalchemist 

Retrofit your Stock PSUs Fans With DaddyBtc Pleb

Bitcoin Heated House- By Statefall -Note glass not for long term.

Sign Up for Pega-Pool -They Plant Trees for your Hash

Sign Up for LincoinPool – Lots of cool features+more coming

Bitcool Material Compatibility Chart ~Avoid Disasters!

The Rocket S9 By Cody 

Bitcoin Mining Resources- The Mother Of all Links -Annon? 

DIY “black-box” by econoalchemist w/ thanks to Upstream Data

Mining for the Streets- Diverter

Pleb Miner Month Podcasts and More -Pleb Miner Jon, Sarah, Max

Bitcoin Mining Soundproof Box- the Holder. 

ASIC Repair and User Manuals – Zeus Mining

ASIC Repair – Diagnostic Tool 

Light Sound Box * per mfg guidelines only

ASIC Fan Shrouds

ASICS- Kaboom Racks-ask for that Nick guy… 

Hashrate Index- Mining Glossary and More

Solo Mining (I have not done it, but intend to give a whirl at low watts)

Downclocking Whatsminers By Barnminer

Miner Daily

Braiins Firmware

VNISH Firmware 

Home Mining Bitcoin (For The Streets) – Bitcoin 2022 Conference -Bitcoin Mag

Upstream Ohmm Data Black Box *per mfg guidelines only

YooperCrate-Open Source Sound Control Crate

McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply

Ryan Herco -Fluid Flow Solutions Pumps-Tanks Piping

Selection of Potential Traditional Systems to feed with Immersion Miner heat transferred into a glycol solution or direct fed (depending)

Tiger Tank Heat Exchange Hot Water 

Unico-Hydronic Air Handlers, Ducting -great potential synergies

Brazetek Heat Exchangers

Crown Boiler Indirect Tanks

King Electric -Hydronic wall Units 

see network page for more. 

mining progress chart

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