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Dedicated Heat Capture Consultants

hashing2heating colorOur reputation has been built on the foundations of strong relationships with key players in the industry. When you partner with us, you’re not just gaining access to our own wealth of knowledge and experience but also the collective insights and top-tier equipment from our trusted industry partners.

At the heart of hashing2heating stands our founder, Jon Hashner. With an academic background in Environmental Science, Jon brings a wealth of varied hands-on experience to focus on this new and emerging industry of heat recovery from Bitcoin network computers. His previous work in the industrial sector and chemical production facilities provided a background in heat exchange and exchange fluids systems. With almost two decades of work in the Home Performance, Home Energy, and Custom Home Building sector, Jon’s experiences provide the other half of the equation. An engineer at heart, Jon is excited to contribute to this amazing world of Bitcoin and what it offers to humanity.

Much has been made about the topic of Bitcoin “Miner” energy consumption, but Jon’s journey began as he experimented with home-scale ASICs since 2018. This led him to research and seek out others in the field who shared the vision of using computer heat for heating.

As it turns out, Satoshi had already envisioned the same results. As Satoshi put it, “If you’re using electric heat where you live, then your computer’s heat isn’t a waste. It’s equal cost if you generate the heat with your computer. If you have other cheaper heating than (resistance) electric, then the waste is only the difference in cost. Bitcoin generation should end up where it’s cheapest. Maybe that will be in cold climates where there’s electric heat, where it would be essentially free.” [source]

hashing2heating, along with a number of collaborators, is currently dedicated to simplifying systems into a more plug-and-play or user-friendly contractor install format. We’re actively curating and packaging the current best practices while contributing to their further development. This means that we are not only focused on innovation but also on making the technology accessible and convenient for you.

We Believe:

This will be an ever evolving business.

We are committed to continuously evolving our business, adapting to new trends and technologies, ensuring we always offer cutting-edge solutions. Our agility in the face of change is our strength, keeping us and our clients at the forefront of innovation.

In full transparency.

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in open, honest communication, ensuring clarity and trust in all our interactions. This commitment to transparency builds strong, lasting relationships with our clients, grounded in mutual respect and integrity.

What benefits one in this field benefits all.

We champion a collaborative approach, where the success of one contributes to the success of all. In our industry, we foster a spirit of collective progress, believing that shared knowledge and achievements uplift the entire community, creating a robust and supportive environment for all.