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The quiet revolution of the Heat Capture Home Miners #2

The growth, interest, and innovation being displayed in diverse locations and through a variety of methods by home Bitcoin Miners who are looking to capture and use the heat by-product is astounding. Over the last 3-4 years it has come from being an inadvertent winter heat source to something worth looking at for a legitimate source of electrically produced low grade heat.

As price grinds along in bear market bottoms, the idea that simply having cheap energy would always make the “big miners” profitable, and keep mining out of the reach of the regular person is questioned. The “retirement” of many recent S9 generation of hashers from the bigger locations, will provide a great entry point for the home miner looking to simply break even on some space heating while getting some non-kyc sats, and enjoying a bit of a technical interest and pass-time. This will in-turn both make the network stronger in hashrate as well as possibly more importantly more decentralized in the hands of the users-people, making it more likely to be guarded and in cold storage.

So many inventors, engineers and trade savvy miners have emerged and immersed themselves in this quest and following along has been a pleasure to see what people are doing, trying and working on. We have our own dreams and visions here as well, and look forward to as much collaboration and growth for everyone as possible. Regardless of the minutia of data, or penciling out traditional terms, like “ROI”, the concept of running a heating device in exchange for the hardest currency on earth seems like the direction to go once you see and feel a Bitcoin “hasher” in operation. From there I was hooked as I know many are.

In these blogs I will mostly feature other outstanding projects, how we can interact, support and integrate  them with our internal conceptual projects and ideas: Bitcoin Miners being the base heating element of something good ! We look forward to this ever brightening and certainly warm future we are building.


Image is adaptation of the Original Artist Work : Paintbrush Warrior By Mark Henson (please contact me if my use of this image infringes. I did not add the Bitcoin but loved when I saw it. . 


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