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Starting Point ~ Equipment

Hardware Sourcing

Leave it to us

The market for obtaining the most important part of the equation: The ASICs is improving, both in the ease of finding hardware, lower pricing and efficiency of the units. We help you select & source the heart of it.

Auxiliary Equipment

Put it together

Once we design your project  and chose your CORE EQUIPMENT we then need to source additional outside materials and equipment from  innovators in the space and traditional system vendors


Shared Resources

A Pilot program where we place our ASICS at your facility or home in a heating capacity. Pay for the electricity+ provide a *qualified home. Then receive the heat +up to 50% of BTC rewarded. 

Planning it Out- Outside the Box

Home Packages

Warm at Home

Based on your home and budget we will design a way to get you heating something with hashrate. Custom home heating designs Air or Liquid dispersed heat transfer options.

Existing Big Miners

Sell that Heat

Thinking about heat recovery? Looking to get that some energy cost back in your pocket? Let’s explore your unique situation and find alternatives to help your bottom line! 


Use that Heat

From preheating to fully heating via radiators, process heat for many operation types to load balancing for solar installations on site. Bitcoin Miners fit in many situations that make sense.

Big Time ~ Big Equipment ~ Big Stage

Industrial & MFG


Where applicable ASIC based hot loops can subsidize or replace existing electric or gas fired units, potentially earning credits or incentives. Explore the possibilities for your needs.

Farms & Animal Ag


Heat Capture for Pasteurization, Capture and Use of BioGas or Biomass? Farming of energy is part of the future, let’s plug in and keep things warm as well.

Municipal & Facilities

Set Your City Apart

Does your city want to join other Bitcoin leading Cities? Perhaps already on a Green Energy Mix? Community Swimming Pool Heat, Facilities or Buildings, Methane Capture/Use?

Hardware Sourcing

The current market for obtaining the most important part of the equation THE ASIC Hashing Production Hardware (miner) is improving in the ease to find and availability of hardware, However at this current time it is still somewhat of a moving target floating in a sea of quick currents that can be confusing to new entrants. We provide sourcing for any contracted projects for many reasons, including knowing the sources. We provide the most up-to-date pricing available to us and then add a reasonable service fee.

Source Your Own Hardware

We are happy to work in a design and consulting capacity or assist in installing systems of your own purchase.

Auxiliary Equipment​

putting it all together

As we design your project or system(s) and have chosen your ASIC CORE EQUIPMENT we then need to source additional outside materials and equipment from other innovators in this field.

hashing2heating ever growing list of resources and trade professionals will provide for all the additional support equipment needed for your project.

Examples include:  

  • Sound dampening/ equipment protection systems
  • Materials for Air based Heat Distribution.
  • Immersion Vessels, Fluids, Heat Exchangers, Pumps
  • Controls for Immersion/Hot Loop Systems. (heat offtake systems).

host4heat+btc program

Shared Resources

We are happy to offer this unique program where we place our ASICS at your facility or home in a heating capacity. You pay for the electricity and ensure operating parameters ensuing security/minimal maintenances and receive the heat and up to 50% of BTC earned by that hardware until your equipment is paid off, then keep it all. An option that holds lots of possibilities. *this is a concept that is evolving and percentage and agreement is subject to revision as developed

Any combination of the above is also applicable.
let’s get you going !


 Stay warm at home

  • Custom home heating designs Air cooled or Immersion
  • Radiant Flooring or Radiator Systems
  • Pool and Spa Systems
  • Integrate with ERV/HRV
  • Solves challenges with the coming all electric home requirements
  • Put your excess solar to use for you, not the energy company.
  • Your heat use ideas welcome

Large Scale-Existing Or Planned Mining Op

  • Bottom Line- You know your operations, you have your sources.
  • We want to do the leg work to either connect you with a local heat-offtake type situation.
  • Help design and create a regionally integrated solution to turn that heat into satoshis, fiat currency or creative tax breaks with local community actions?
  • The sky is the limit if we put our minds together.

Multi-Family Commercial

  • Basic space and water heating. Via air or radiant type systems
  • Process heat for “hot loop” requirements i.e. steam boiler pre-heating, Wash station hot water, Brewery Operations, Candles? Drying Beds? Lets Talk
  • Integrate with ERV/HRV air exchange systems to disperse electrically produced heat throughout your buildings or apartments.
  • What heating needs does your operation have? 


  • Many of the concepts in this industry come from experiences in  industry and manufacturing, There are many applications I have yet to even think of. Using electric based heat sources that also generate bitcoin for the company where possible  has potential,

  • Integration of ASICs directly into as apposed to retrofitting is the ultimate goal for consumer ease and safety, if you are an interested heat element product related MFG, let’s integrate. 

Farms & Animal Ag

  • Providing Heat for Pasteurization Processes
  • Manure biogas methane recovery / Off Grid Electrical Generation- to Hash
  • Livestock heating -facility heating
  • Greenhouse heating- Cold Climate
  • Biochar and SynGas from waste biomass for Off Grid Electrical (to heating gas..)

Many of these practices can have multi-level environmental and societal impacts in local communities. For example heated greenhouses in northern climates, provide jobs and access to green nutrition, otherwise lacking in some communities.

By gathering and composting manure Farmers both stop methane release (many times worse than C02 for greenhouse link) and generate electricity to hash for the network. This benefit the farmers bottom line and directly the local community for cleaner rivers (removal of Nitrogen loading) and less dependency on Fossil fuel based/delivered Nitrate fertilizers) Those are but two of a myriad of possibility.

There are many groups working on areas within this sphere-We would be directing you, consulting and integrating ASICs into the mix

Municipal & Facilities

  • Local load balancing the “micro-net” of renewable energy?
  • Heat recovery systems, Heat offtake agreements?
  • *Potential carbon credits, and overall electrification trends
  • Communities  being rewarded with BTC sound interesting?
  • Visionary Wastewater and Potable Water Project Integrations? 

Acquire & Hold Bitcoin

hashing2heating are not financial advisors and provide no insight into any markets. You should always do your own research and be responsible for your own investments.

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