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Bitcoin Is Green By Design

Bitcoin Mining is leading a revolution in both cleaning up traditional energy production AND incentivizing the development, improvement and build out of the currently named renewable sector. Here is a selection of resources and dialogue on the topics, more coming soon. We believe capturing the heat resulting from providing network security is a valid contribution to these efforts on any scale. See Network page for more.

Greening With Incentive Offsets

Can Bitcoin Save the Environment- Troy and Peter 

THE BitcoinGreenhouse project.Org – Going to be Amazing!

Norwegian Mining Cogeneration for Wood Drying  isn’t it good, Norwegian wood? 

Bitcoin Mining and Reviving OTEC

Bitcoin Mining and the Case for More Energy 

Utilities in US Homes Distribution- 1/4 of all homes are 100% electric already 

Bitcoin -The Mycelium of Money -Brandon Quittem

Growing Flowers – Mining Bitcoin- BicoinBloem

Electric Money-Perspectives on Bitcoin, Energy and Environment

Bitcoin is Humanitarian and Environmental  – Alex Gladstein

Bitcoin from the Landfills – trash2hash? 

Bitcoin- A Key to Saving the Environment Susie Violet Ward 

Recycling For BTC – BTC Solutions- NYC area only for now.

Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species-Brandon Quittem

Bitcoin and Renewables, and Miners Observations- Miner Daily

The ESG Case FOR BTC- DSBatten

Poisoned By the Gold Rush- Expose on Toxic Gold Extraction

Petro-dollars Film 

Dirty (fiat) Money- Netflix Doc

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